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Commercial Development Mentoring

Mentor @ Adnan Adil

In today's world, it is more important than ever to be able to sell the product/service you produce, rather than producing it. The sales business is getting harder day by day in the changing competitive conditions and in the competitive environment. Now how to make the sale and find the customer to be sold; It has become a more important strategic role than production capability. Setting up the sales unit correctly and setting the right targets is the only skill that will keep companies alive. 

In order to make good sales, it is necessary to be better than the competitors. For this, a good sales team, an effective sales management, an accurate sales plan and a guiding sales reporting system are needed.


In the creation and management of a sales unit that cooperates with other units in a sustainable and effective manner, contributes to the company and its brand image, helps for financial efficiency, brings vital news from the competitive environment and the market, contributes to production, operation and logistics, and most importantly, adopts the proactive working principle. I will be your strategic co-pilot as your mentor in the following topics.


1. Vision and Goal Setting

Past sales and customer data/experience; By understanding where the founder and the employer see themselves and where they want to reach, I create a roadmap with concrete numerical targets for the sales management of the company with detailed analyzes.

2. Sales Force Review and Restructuring

I take part in the restructuring of the team by reviewing the existing team in terms of skills and abilities, identifying training needs and talent gaps in the team, specific to the corporate culture, product tree and brand value of the company. I am involved in the team building process from start to finish, including the interview processes for newly recruited personnel.

3. KPI Determination (Key Performance Indicators Determination)

According to the dynamics of the business and the market;

  • Sales Budget/Targets,

  • Profitability Goals,

  • Customer Development and Number Goals,

  • Taking into account Collection and Stock Targets

I identify Key Performance Indicators to align with the company's sales strategy.


4. Setting Up a Bonus/Bonus System for the Sales Team

I am developing a clear and understandable bonus system that will motivate, satisfy employers and team members, increase profitability, ensure team integrity rather than individuality, add extra value to the company and the team. As a mentor, I take part in the process of writing down the rules of this system, explaining it to the sales team and implementing it.


5. Sales Operation Management

The most important purpose of the sales operation can be defined as preventing uncoordination that reduces the profitability of the company, increasing internal transparency, ensuring coordination between departments and units, and creating a balance between supply and demand.

In this respect, sales operations management basically has three tasks.

  1. To coordinate and communicate bilaterally with all departments and central management and the sales team,

  2. Being able to position the right amount of product at the right time with the right dispatch and administration,

  3. To manage all the information flow between the field sales teams and the headquarters, to organize periodic and decision-making meetings, to provide and monitor all sales reports so that the field sales team can be managed correctly.

Since this process includes many consecutive and interconnected functions such as purchasing, production, warehouse, logistics, marketing, sales, customer management, it is possible with good planning.

In this context, I take part as a mentor in the process of setting up the sales operation management, creating the organizational structure, creating the operating rules, writing them down, creating report formats and training the team to ensure correct functioning.


6. Sales Team Management Mentoring

I provide shadow mentoring to the Sales Team or Manager on issues such as setting targets for the sales team, tracking target realization, monitoring their performance, maintaining their motivation, managing conflicts within the sales team, increasing the loyalty and permanence of the sales staff, integrating the new staff with the old ones, etc.

You can find articles on our blog about our working style, principles, and insights on corporate governance.


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