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Our principles

​We can list our working principles as follows;

  • Our priority is the good of the company. Not your bosses or your partners. There is always company first at the table,

  • The medicine is painful but the patient needs itWe act with the approach. We express the truth and facts duly to the relevant person,

  • The greatest foolishness is to make a fool of the other person.We believe wholeheartedly and act accordingly,

  • Your style is one step ahead of the contentWe act by believing that

  • In areas where we have knowledge and experienceas a performerWe want to have a say in decisions. We avoid areas where we do not have knowledge and experience. We express clearly and clearly in which areas we have or do not have knowledge and experience,

  • We strive to provide the knowledge and experience that our knowledge and experience is not sufficient, but that the company will need. Through the business, person or services we reference or providewe do not earn, ourselveson the company's sidewe position, 

  • We share our determinations, suggestions and actions we will take during the working process with the management clearly and unequivocally,

  • For the health and safety of the work,to anyone who will be(boss/partner, managers, employees) duly give feedback,

  • Even if our partnership is complete,focused on trust and privacywe work. Confidentiality of documents and information we have obtained about the company (production, commercial, personnel information, family relations, etc.)cornerstone of our own reputation and credibilityWe act by being aware of it. 
    We expect our personal information, situation and working conditions to be kept in confidence and privacy.

  • In any case where we cannot agree in principle, both partiesright to discontinuehasapproachwe work with.

on our blogYou can find our articles about our working style, principles and insights on corporate development.

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