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How do we work?

​Different from the traditional consulting approach;

  • We spend (at least) 1 full day in a week at your company,

  • We communicate and interact with all of your employees. We become one of Us, not you.

  • We become natural members of meetings such as Execution, Consultation, Coordination, and Sales Management, and take responsibility for decisions.

  • We develop organic systems and applications that belong to you, not theoretical and artificial systems and applications,

  • We do all of the system development and applications together with the team, as a part of the team,

  • Developing/improving business processes; We guide and coordinate the preparation of corporate documents that will directly affect workflows such as procedures, regulations, instructions,

  • We take responsibility for implementation not only on the system development side, but also on the implementation of the systems,

  • We include our team in your company in our work. We transfer the experience of both establishing and implementing the system to them,

  • We are working to ensure that your company can provide its own corporate development with its own resources. Our aim is not to give fish, but to teach how to fish,

  • We take an active role in conveying and explaining the work we do to the employees,

  • We conduct supplier interviews and evaluations on behalf of the company for the purchase of products and services that may be on the agenda in our field.

In addition to these, in the stages of development of structures and processes and their implementation;

  • Demonstrating the will to implement the systems and practices that have been agreed upon,

  • Being open and willing to gain new habits, new perspectives,

  • Patience in the implementation of innovations (habits, perspectives, personnel, practices, systems),

  • Leading this change effort and effort at points that require behavioral change for the development of the company,

  • Making comments during the development of systems and processes and their implementation, being in the process by giving feedback,

  • The systems and applications developed in agreement with the Partners/Bosses are also binding on them and they will act in accordance with these rules and principles; Accepting and undertaking that they will be sensitive about being involved in practices (Consultation, Coordination, Execution, etc.)

  • I am involved in all decisions that will affect the organizational structure of the company, its management culture and relations with employees,

  • I expect him to give full support to his subjects and show full ownership of the process.

  • We expect him to appoint a teammate who is willing to work with me throughout the project, to take over the system and applications, and who has aptitude (preferably experience) in these subjects.

on our blogYou can find our articles about our working style, principles and insights on corporate development.

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