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Organizational Development Mentoring
What is not? Why?

Mentor @ Murat Yildiz

What is not Organizational Development Mentoring?

  • It is not traditional consulting,

  • It is not only to determine the problem,

  • It is not an advice,

  • It is not positioning above the company's team,

  • It is not to produce documents and documents that will remain on the shelves,

  • It is not to generate copy-paste solutions,

  • It is not to hide knowledge and experience.


What is Organizational Development Mentoring?

  • It is to  be the co-pilot of your management,

  • It is to  have a say in decisions as a performer in the fields of knowledge and experience,

  • It is not (just) telling the solution, it is showing how the answer will be implemented, by doing it yourself,

  • It is to be in the issues/stories as a member of the company, to take part in the formation and implementation of decisions as a part of the team,

  • It is to transfer the execution experience to the team of company by implementing it personally,

  • It is to develop and train the company's team,

  • It is to work in a way that will ensure that the work done is kept in the company's corporate memory.

Benefits I Provide

  • I enable Bosses/Shareholders to develop business conduct rules among themselves,
    I'm developing Partnership Law Principles,

  • I ensure that Bosses/Shareholders are ready for corporate governance,
    I mentor the Bosses/Shareholders to ensure the continuity of corporate governance studies,

  • I prepare the development plan for the 2nd generation, I mentor the development of the 2nd generation,

  • I manage the process of integrating the 2nd generation with the company,

  • I take the company's current picture and create a corporate governance roadmap. I take part in the implementation of this roadmap,

  • I design the organizational structure/architecture of the company,

  • I am establishing the team that will carry the company to the future,

  • I ensure that the professionals (organ transplants) who join the team integrate correctly with the existing team, I mentor critical managers (old/new),

  • I develop application tools that will create the company's unique Management Culture, I ensure the implementation of these tools,

  • With the management team, I take part in the commissioning of the sub-systems (sales, marketing, production, warehouse, stock management, etc.) that need to be developed in the processes,

  • I develop and guide the implementation of strategies and suggestions on issues such as positioning managers in areas suitable for their competencies, and their rotation, revising the organizational structure in line with the necessary needs, and improving management skills,

  • I set up, and operate Human Resources Systems (recruitment, backup, training, remuneration, performance, bonus systems),

  • I am hiring Human Resources personnel (Manager, Manager, Specialist), creating Human Resources processes, and guiding and mentoring Human Resources personnel.

You can find articles on our blog about our working style, principles, and insights on corporate governance.

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