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Greetings, my name is Adnan Adil.

Perhaps the first significant decision of my life was made when, as a science major graduate from Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School, I chose to enter the university entrance exam in the TM (social sciences) field and eventually pursued a degree in Business Administration. Looking back today, I can't recall if I made this decision consciously, but I know it was a pivotal and fortunate step in my journey. My story in sales began in the summer of my third year at university in 1999, as a "sales trainee" during an internship at Coca Cola. This experience would pave the way for the beginning of my professional life at Coca Cola the first business day after my final exam in the following year, even before I had received my diploma. That's how my first love affair with sales started. I roamed the streets of Esat, Cebeci, Abidinpaşa, and Mamak in Ankara, collecting orders for carbonated drinks from grocery stores. Since then, I have continued to embrace the dust of the field and strategize sales from behind the desk.


It has been 22 years since I stepped into professional life. Most of that time, I managed sales teams, established and ran new business units, and gained significant experience in retail and wholesale store operations. From operations to logistics, from procurement to marketing, I have held senior management positions in various fields and played key roles in strategic teams.

Looking back today, I see that the experiences where I developed myself and my work have had a more profound impact on me than the managerial roles I held. Of course, the status and titles provided by acquired positions are sources of pride for a manager; but what's more important and valuable to me now is: 1) Seeing many colleagues, with whom I've worked and learned together, and to whom I've modestly taught a thing or two, succeed in their careers; 2) Observing the ongoing successes of some organizations I either founded or contributed to their development.


After 22 years, my primary goal today is still to grow and foster growth. To read as if I know nothing. To keep up with the innovations in my field as much as possible. To always be in the field, getting the news firsthand.

With this mindset, I realized that the corporate life and its intricacies were no longer sufficient for me. I set my intention on "executive consulting" or "executive coaching," a field where I can both impart more of my knowledge and learn more. (Please excuse my use of English for these terms, as they mean more than just "executive consultant" or "advisor within execution" in Turkish).

As you know, in medicine, when faced with a complex case, expert physicians conduct a "consultation." In fact, the English word 'consultation', like its use in medicine, encompasses advising, deliberation, and providing guidance towards a solution. This is exactly what we aim to do; capturing the picture from within the organization and finding solutions by staying within it and taking clear responsibility.


Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for my formal resume.

Looking forward to connecting,


Best regards,


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